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Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello Hello Hello my friends!

This weeks show was focused on fantastic record label No Idea Records from Gainesville, Florida. They've been around since 1985 and they have around 300 releases in their catalog.

I've played some new tracks, some of my favorite songs and some hits released on No Idea.

Check out this awesome mini-documentary about the amazing label, if you haven't seen it yet.

LATTERMAN - Water Manes At The Block's End [We Are Still Alive]
THE MEASURE [SA] - Cynical at Best [Notes]
LEATHERFACE - Never Say Goodbye [The Stormy Petrel]
GUNMOLL - Less Than You Hoped For [Board Of Rejection]
SPANISH GAMBLE - A Prescription To Your End [It's All Coming Down]
DEAR LANDLORD - I Live In Hell [Dream Homes]
THE COPYRIGHTS - I'd Rather Die Or Something [The Copyrights & The Brokedowns Split 7'']
THE DOPAMINES - Public Domain [Expect The Worst]
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Wrong [From The Bottom]
GATORFACE - Not Scientists [Wasted Monuments]
THE ARRIVALS - Frontline [Volatile Molotov]
DOLDRUMS - Believe [Doldrums 7'']
STRIKE ANYWHERE - Chorus of One [Chorus of One EP]
LESS THAN JAKE - Summer Nights [Greased]
AGAINST ME! - Walking Is Still Honest [Reinventing Axl Rose]
HOT WATER MUSIC - Wayfarer [Till The Wheels Fall Off]

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