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Friday, April 22, 2011

We All Fall Down, April 21st - new songs from Teenage Bottlerocket, Dear Landlord, The Dopamines

Hello Hello Hello!

If you are the person who listens to We All Fall Down relatively regularly, you probably know that I LOVE POP PUNK! For this episode I have prepared lots of pop punk tracks from the band I am really excited about - Dear Landlord, The Dopamines, Teenage Bottlerocket, Chixdiggit!, Screeching Weasel, The Reaganomics. And I've also prepared a block of street punk for the listeners.

Cool show this Saturday at the Rickshaw! See you there!

HARD FEELINGS - Douche Chills [Hard Feelings]
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Mutilate Me [Mutilate Me 7'']
SCREECHING WEASEL - All Over Town [First World Manifesto]
THE REAGANOMICS - Ed Hardy [Lower The Bar]
CHIXDIGGIT! - I Hate Basketball [Safeways Here We Come]
THE DOPAMINES - Heads Up Dusters [Portrait Parle 7'']
DEAR LANDLORD - A Little Left [Portrait Parle 7'']
THE UNSEEN - False Hope [Explode]
ANTI-FLAG - Turncoat [The Terror State]
THE CASUALTIES - System Failed Us... Again [Under Attack]
RANCID - Poison [Rancid [2000]]
THE EXPLOITED - Alternative [Troops Of Tomorrow]
THE DREADNOUGHTS - Polka Never Dies [Polka's Not Dead]
THE REBEL SPELL - Beautiful Future [It's a Beautiful Future]
BATTLE SNAKES - Wind Me Up (The Hits) [On Fire '99]
CARPENTER - Mean Things [Sea to Sky]
THE VICIOUS CYCLES - [The Strange and Terrible Saga of...] Keep Your Hands Off Of My Bike

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