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Thursday, May 05, 2011

We All Fall Down, May 5th, 2011 - New songs by Elway, Iron Chic, Red City Radio, Army Of Champions

Hello Hello Hello my friends!

I've really enjoyed today's show. New terrific songs from young and talented bands like Army of Champions, Elway, Iron Chic and Red City Radio. Check them out! In addition to that, I've prepared a special block of punk bands doing covers of Bob Marley songs. And to wrap things up, I've played my favorite songs from 2010 by Canadian bands.

J CHURCH - My Favorite Place [Nostalgic For Nothing]
ARMY OF CHAMPIONS - Sink, Sink, Down, Down [If Only Just To Hold]
ELWAY - Whispers in a Shot Glass [Delusions]
IRON CHIC - Those Heads Are Our Heads [Split 'N Shit]
RED CITY RADIO - Spinning In Circles Is A Gateway Drug [The Dangers of Standing Still]
ZSK - No Woman No Cry [Wenn So Viele Schweigen Mussen Wir Noch Lauter Schreien]
THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - Simmer Down [Ska-Core, The Devil & More]
MAD SIN - I Shot The Sheriff [Teachin' The Goodies]
JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS - Redemption Song [Streetcore]
THE FLATLINERS - Carry The Banner [Cavalcade]
LOWTALKER - Eulogy [People Worry About Everything]
THE SAINTE CATHERINES - D'You Guys Wanna Fuckin' Party After This? No. [Fire Works]
CAMBRIDGE - Kubark [This Is Not A Victory]
THE DREADNOUGHTS - Polka Never Dies [Polka's Not Dead]
STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO - Somewhere In The Between [Somewhere In The Between]

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