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Thursday, May 26, 2005

ARTIST: album title - song title

BECK: guero - hell yes
THE PONYS: celebration castle - today
NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: bullets of love - death march on the tone bank
RAISED BY WOLVES: s/t - blitzkrieg boppin
WE ARE WOLVES: non stop je te plie en deux - t.r.o.u.b.l.e.
DESPISTADO: the people and their verses - burning house
P:ANO: brigadoon - supermarket one
CHIXDIGGIT!: pink razors - you're pretty good
ALKALINE TRIO: crimson - mercy me, - fall victim
DROPKICK MURPHYS: singles collection - halloween (Orig. by the misfits)
DASH RIP ROCK: recyclone - she's got a lot of nerve
CADEAUX: physical city - things that i know
TRAIL OF DEAD: source tags and codes - another morning stoner
GORILLAZ: demon days - every planet we reach is dead

Thursday, May 19, 2005

ARTIST:album title - song title

DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979: blood on our hands 7" - better off dead (Orig. by La Peste)
HELLA: chirpin hard - goldmine, gold yours
CHIXDIGGIT!: pink razors - good girls
MAXIMO PARK: a certain trigger - apply some pressure
THE CRIBS: s/t - baby don't sweat
DUPLEX: ablum - nucat
THE PONYS: celebration castle - i'm with you
THE EPOXIES: stop the future - everything looks beautiful on video
TSUNAMI BOMB: the ultimate escape - say it if you mean it
TRAIL OF DEAD: source tags and codes - baudelaire
ALL STAR ASSASSINS: funeral sex army - slug (Orig. by the ramones)
MILLENCOLIN: kingwood - ray
THE RAVEONETTES: pretty in black - ode to LA
THE CURE: seventeen seconds - a forest
CADEAUX: physical city - your death
GOSSIP: real damage ep - left out now
STAR WARS: empire strikes back soundtrack - imperial theme

Thursday, May 12, 2005

My first posted playlist!

ARTIST:Album Title-Song Title

THE UNICORNS: who will cut our hair when we're gone?-tuff ghost
THE DEVIL DOGS: saturday night fever-burning love
MONEY MONEY: we are money money-through my head
THE OLD HAUNTS: fallow fields-deflect it
THE EPOXIES: stop the future-radiation
-this day
COMEBACK KID: wake the dead-false idols fall
BAD RELIGION: the empire stkrikes first-live again
THE CHARMING SNAKES: ammunition-desire
AGENT ORANGE: living in darkness-bloodstains
THE EYELINERS: no spologies-all i wanted
SOCIAL DISTORTION: ???-ring of fire
HALIFAX: a writer's reference ep-sydney
HOT HOT HEAT: elevator-running out of time
ALKALINE TRIO: split ep w/ hot water music-queen of pain

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