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Thursday, September 29, 2005

you know what? i fucked up and the computer didnt save my playlist, so here's what i can remember. i know that these are all the songs that ive played, but im not sure about the order.

ARTIST: album title - song title

BAD RELIGION: the grey race - 10 in 2010
ANTIFLAG: underground network - underground network
JELLO BIAFRA AND THE MELVINS: sieg howdy - lessons in what not to become
THE BADAMPS: molotov milkshake - break you out
THE JOLTS: www.myspace.com/thejolts - the bar again demo
ALL STAR ASSASSINS: funeral sex army - with a fist
NEW TOWN ANIMALS: is your radio active? - acme rebel
THE REBEL SPELL: days of rage - rebels sing
THE FARRELL BROS: this is a riot - r.e.b.e.l.
THE BELADEANS: s/t - my rock n roll
THE MAKERS: everybody rise - tiger of the night
RAKING BOMBS: you are the resilijiax 0110101101 - on the camel
DESPISTADO: the people and their verses - burning house
AVENGED SEVENFOLD: waking the fallen - second heartbeat
MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE: be a man - be a man

Thursday, September 22, 2005

ARTIST: album title - song title

COMEBACK KID: wake the dead - our distance
CHOKE: slow fade or how i learned to question infinity - breathing wont come easy
INTL NOISE CONSPIRACY: take penacilin now - ever felt cheated?
LOST PATROL BAND: s/t - golden times
THE LOVED ONES: s/t - 100K
CURSED: two - reparations
CONVERGE: you fail me - drop out
THE SMUGGLERS: the smugglers at marineland - vancouver bc
THE RAMONES: leave home - glad to see you go
THE VOLCANICS: light the fuse - searchin
THE REBEL SPELL: days of rage - hacksaw
BALZAC: out of hte grave and into the dark - came out of the grave
THE CONSTANTINES: tournament of hearts - lizaveta

Friday, September 16, 2005

so i played about an hour of the regular stuff yesterday, and about half an hour of folk/alt country/indie pop stuff. good times.

ARTIST: album title - song title

SUBHUMANS: demo ep - celebrity
THE BADAMPS: molotov milkshake - always dreaming
REBEL SPELL: days of rage - i was there
ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK: slayer's bay blues - let's go to the beach
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT: circa now! + 4 - sturdy wrists
DOOMEASTVAN: you will die - repent sinners
3 INCHES OF BLOOD: advance and vanquish - deadly sinners
THE HURT PROCESS: a heartbeat behind - delicious 53
RAISED BY WOLVES: vancouver 4-way 7" - trouble
BLOOD BROTHERS: crimes - peacock skeleton with crooked fingers
NEON BLONDE: chandeliers in the savannah - princess skullface sings
GO BETTY GO: nothing is more - pirate song
FLOGGING MOLLY: drunken lullabies - drunken lullabies
SHARP LIKE KNIVES: no pressure - young hearts breakdown

THE POSTAL SERVICE: give up - clark gable
BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB: howl - ain't no easy way
CUFF THE DUKE: s/t - the future hangs
BRIGHT EYES: im wide awake its morning - first day of my life
IRON AND WINE & CALEXICO: in the reins - he lays in the reins
MY MORNING JACKET: acoustic citsuoca - golden (live)
WOLF PARADE: apologies to the queen mary - fancy claps

Thursday, September 08, 2005

ARTIST: album title - song title

RAMONES: ramonesmania - rock n roll high school
ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK: beat me - mile end
DIRTY TRICKS: s/t - vaccination
BLOOD BROTHERS: crimes - trash flavored trash
DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979: blood on our hands 7" - better off dead (la peste cover)
THE PARKADES: 90.9 with a bullet - attack me
COMEBACK KID: wake the dead - false idols fall
STRUNG OUT: exile in oblivion - blueprint of the fall
HORRORPOPS: bring it on - caught in a blond
YOU SAY PARTY! WE SAY DIE!: hit the floor - cold hands hot bodies
THE MATADORS: power of music comp - creeping demon
THE EARACHES: get the revolution out of your head - nu sensation
THE OLD HAUNTS: fallow field - by the bay
SOCILA DISTORTION: ??? - ring of fire (johnny cash cover)
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS: twin cinema - twin cinema

whoo hoo! billy bones cohosted last week's show! check out the rekkids he played. tres awesome.

ARTIST: album title - song title

JOHHNY THUNDERS: jet boy anthology - you cant put your arms around a memory
RAISED BY WOLVES: hot blood - trash like me
DEJA VOODOO: the worst of - raised by wolves
THE VINDICATORS: (i forgot to mark this one down, thus i cant tell you what song it was)
JEFFIE GENETIC: need a wave - oh no ive been cloned
THE BADAMPS: molotov milkshake - break you out
THE EVAPORATORS: canadian relics - coho coho
ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK: go usa! - punctured
THE SMUGGLERS: growing up smuggler - rock n roll was never this fun
BATTERED WIVES: s/t - everybody loves a loser
THE DICK VAN DYKES: (Once again, I feel that I have failed you)
TEN DAYS LATE: go with the flow - getaway
THE CURE: faith - primary