We All Fall Down

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

I so totally didn't do my radio show this past Thursday (Feb 22). It was Black History Day, and I felt that I did not know enough to have a comprehensive and appropriate show for the day. Back next Thursday. Mmmhmm.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

ARTIST: album title - song title

THE PORCH GHOULS: i love guitarwolf very much - fujiyama attack
THE ISOTOPES: around the horn 7" - around the horn
THE DEVIL DOG: saturday night fever - burning love
THE TRANZMITORS: invisble girl 7" - teenage tragedy
THE RIFF RANDELLS: s/t - mississippi hotdog
FUCKED UP: hidden world - the blackstone
CONVERGE: no heroes - no heroes
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER: miasma - i'm charming
BOUNCING SOULS: anchors aweigh - better days
AGAINST ME: americans abroad live in london - americans abroad
CLOROX GIRLS: this dimension - pop codeine
THE SPUNKS: yellow fever blues - #1
DASH RIP ROCK: hee haw hell - fall down, go boom

Thursday, February 08, 2007

ARTIST: album title - song title

CANCER BATS: birthing the giant - golden tanks
COMEBACK KID: broadcasting... - in case of fire
DASH RIP ROCK: hee haw hell - glossolalia is such a gas
AFI: shut your mouth and open your eyes - a single second
AGAINST ME!: searching for a former clarity - mediocrity gets you pears (the shaker)
BOUNCING SOULS: how i spent my summer vacation - true believers
STRIKE ANYWHERE: dead fm - prisoner echoes
THE LOVED ONES: s/t - candy cane
THE BADAMPS: one word not two - rock n roll high school (i wanna go to...)
DOA: bloodied but unbowed - new age
ALKIALINE TRIO: remains - jaked on green beers
JAWBREAKER: dear you - i love you so much it's killing us both
HONG KONG BLONDE: killed by canada - hell is alive
THE CURE: kiss me kiss me kiss me - just like heaven

Thursday, February 01, 2007

ARTIST: album title - song title

FUN 100: goodbye - foam improvements
ZAO: the fear is what keeps us here - everything you love will soon fly away
THE BADAMPS: two face - milkshake murder
THE RIPTIDES: hang out - heartbreaker
ALKALINE TRIO: remains - while you're waiting
ALKALINE TRIO: remains - wait for the blackout (damned cover)
DEPECHE MODE: best of vol. 1 - master and servant
COMEBACK KID: broadcasting - broadcasting
FUCKED UP: hidden world- manqueller man
MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS: zero culture - zero culture
NOSEBLEEDER: blow me - chew chew chew
THE BLOOD BROTHERS: young machetes - huge gold ak 47