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Thursday, June 23, 2005

ARTIST: album title - song title

GORILLAZ: demon days - fire coming out of the monkey head
ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK: go europe! - punctured
THE POLYS: st - holiday
RAMONES: road to ruin - she's the one
JEFFIE GENETIC: need a wave - lets rock n roll tonight
RAISED BY WOLVES: st - blitzkrieg boppin
THE DEVIL DOGS: saturday night fever - burnin love
COLOUR ME PSYCHO: 90.9 with a bullet - sacred valley penetration
LUCERO: nobody's darlings - california
THE EXPLOSION: here i am 7" - the drawback
THE CLAP: references bordering on plagerism - love and squalor
NEW TOWN ANIMALS: fashion fallout 7" - fashion fallout

Thursday, June 16, 2005

ARTIST: album title - song title

NOVILLERO: aim right for the holes in their lives - the art of carrying on
THE HIGH DIALS: war of the wakening phantoms - soul in lust
WHITEY HOUSTON: s/t - they got cameras in their pockets
PLANET SMASHERS: unstoppable - bullets to the ground
ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK: go usa! - punctured
DROPKICK MURPHYS: singles collection vol. 2 - vengeance
AT THE DRIVE IN: this station is non operational - chanbara
POINTED STICKS: perfect youth - true love
THE RAMONES: ramones - judy is a punk
THE VANDALS: warped tour 2001 - swm
THE PARKADES: 90.9 with a bullet - attack me
BOOK OF LISTS: red arrows - neurosis
SMOKE OR FIRE: above the city - fire escapes
THE CURE: show - just like heaven (live)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

oops. looks like i neglected to update this last week. oh well.

ARTIST:album title-song title

THE CRIBS:s/t-baby don't sweat
THE POLYS:s/t-holiday
A FRAMES:black forest-experiment
ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK:go usa!-my tiger
HOSTAGE LIFE:sing for the enemy-happy 2000 and anything
VAUX:???-ride out (live)
THE CHARMING SNAKES:ammunition-ammunition
RAMONES:leave home-oh oh i love her so
CHIXDIGGIT!:pink razors-i remember you
THE EPOXIES:stop the future-radiation
THE LOVED ONES:s/t ep-candy cane
PAINT IT BLACK:paradise-athiests in foxholes
DESPISTADO:the people and their verses-magnetic streetlights
STRIKE ANYWHERE:to live in discontent-antidote
ALL STAR ASSASSINS:funeral sex army-slug (ramones cover)
CHIXDIGGIT!:pink razors-jimmy the con
CADEAUX:physical city-cashing in