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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Whew! That's it for CiTR's 2009 Fund Drive! We raised $23,490.87, and that was before we collected donations at our Funding Drive finale at the WISE Hall. Thank you so much to everyone who donated this year and to all of the volunteers and programmers who made this happen. I ran out of prizes pretty quickly, so I guess I better up the ante next time! And if you didn't donate, don't sweat it. I still appreciate you all the same; as long as I can keep you listening to community radio, then I am a happy camper <3.

ARTIST: album title - song title

BISON BC: vancouver punk as fuck vol 2 - cancer rat
DEFEKTORS: - torn to pieces
NU SENSAE: - fantum
MR PLOW: vancouver punk as fuck vol 2 - drunk and passed out
SUBHUMANS: new dark age parade - celebrity
SMUGGLERS: selling the sizzle - pick em up truck
VICIOUS CYCLES: - no good (live at pats pub)
YOUNG CANADIANS: no escape - i hate music
DOA: black spot - blind men
PARALLELS: - listen to them

Saturday, November 21, 2009


ARTIST: album title - song title

RAISED BY WOLVES: hot blood - trash like me
TRANZMITORS: busy singles - dancing in the front row
WHITE LUNG: - magazines
RIFF RANDELLS: doublecross - bandana
IMPEDERS OF PROGRESS: vancouver punk as fuck vol 2
BADAMPS: two face - milkshake murder
3 INCHES OF BLOOD: fire up the blades - goatriders hoarde
EVAPORATORS: ep w/ andrew wk - the bombs in my pants
B LINES: s/t 7" - social retard
THE JOLTS: haute voltage - bloody eye socket
THE ISOTOPES: around the horn - around the horn
JEFFIE GENETIC AND HIS CLONES: need a wave - sos radioation


ARTIST: album title - song title

DESENDENTS: everything sux - rotting out
DETHKLOK: dethalbum II - the gears
GALLOWS: grey britain - queesberry rules
RANCID: let the dominoes fall - up to no good
3 INCHES OF BLOOD: here waits thy doom - battles and brotherhood
BISON BC: vancouvers punk as fuck vol 2 - cancer rat
BROADEAY CALLS: good views, bad news - to the sheets
ANTI FLAG: the people or the gun - this is the first night
CONVERGE: axe to fall - axe to fall
THE CURE: greatest hits - close to me

Thursday, November 05, 2009

ARTIST: album title - song title

AFI: the art of drowning - of greetings and goodbyes
KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW: s/t - fishfight
CONVERGE: axe to fall - dark horse
EVERY TIME I DIE: new junk aesthetic - white smoke
LAWRENCE ARMS: oh! calcutta! - are you there, margaret? it's me, god.
VICIOUS CYCLE: pale blue dot - no escape
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET: they came from the shadows - skate or die
TRANZMITORS: busy singles - some girls
SET YOUR GOALS: this will be the death of us - equals
THE JOLTS: haute voltage - the bar again
DOA: kings of punk, hockey, and beer - beat em, bust em

Monday, November 02, 2009


ARTIST: album title - song title

ALKALINE TRIO: rocky horror punk rock show - over at the frankenstein place
AFI: all hallows ep - hallowen
MISFITS: walk among us - astro zombies
KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW: what's for dinner - zombies
MXPX: a santa cause - christmas night of the dead
AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD: secret of elena's tomb ep - all saints day
RANDY: randy the band - going out with the dead
THE HIVES: tyrannosaurus hives - abra cadaver
GALLOWS: grey britain - graves
FLOGGING MOLLY: drunken lullabies - may the living be dead in your wake
DETHKLOK: deathalbum - awaken
CRADLE OF FILTH: midian - saffron's curse
COMEBACK KID: wake the dead - wake the dead
THE BRIEFS: steal yer heart - my girl wants to be a zombie
BLACK DAHLIA MURDER: nocturnal - what a horrible night to have a curse