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Friday, May 28, 2010

We All Fall Down, May 27th, 2010

This week I had Andrew and Slut from The Wrecktals. They played couple songs off their upcoming album, we talked about their upcoming Acoustic Canadian Tour, RidgeRadicals and other Wrecktals-related stuff :)

And I played some crack rocksteady bands (the Poseurs, Corporation, From Cradle to The Rave) to complete the show :)

SKAFIELD - From The Cradle To The Grave [Memories in Melodies]
THE POSEURS - Я останусь Собой [Promo CD]
FROM THE CRADLE TO THE RAVE - On The Origin Of Species [Split w/Broken Culture]
CORPORATION - Channel 39 [A New Pope]
THE WRECKTALS - D-EMO-lution of The Species [ANALBUM]
INVASIVES - Perfect Man [Desk Job At Castle Dracula]
THE WRECKTALS - When Pigs Fly [6 Creations By Donation]

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Friday, May 21, 2010

We All Fall Down, May 20th, 2010

This week I had Jonny Bone and Skiff from local ska band Bone Daddies on our show. The guys played songs off their brand new debut album. We gave away a copy of their CD and tickets to the CD Release party, which is happening this Friday, at the Railway Club.

Next week I’ll have Chris from the Wrecktals playing songs off their new album.

Jonny Bones and Skiff (Bone Daddies)

STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO - Linoleum [99 Songs Of Revolution, Volume I]
BONE DADDIES - Pizza Girl [Bone Daddies]
BONE DADDIES - Bank Job [Bone Daddies]
TERMOFRIGIDUS - Sr. Farlopez [A Media Hora]
DAKIDARRIA - La Ventana [Realidades Alienantes]
THE OFFENDERS - Action Reaction [Action Reaction]
BONE DADDIES - System Crash [Bone Daddies]
BONE DADDIES - Warden [Bone Daddies]
DISTEMPER - Тайна [Доброе Утро]
STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS - The Civilization Show [Never Rest In Peace]
BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! - Planning My Death [Adults!!!… Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!!!!!!]
THE WRECKTALS - A-path of Least Resistance [AN ALBUM]

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Friday, May 14, 2010

We All Fall Down, May 13th, 2010

This week I played lots of music, music I really like. I tried to talk less and play more music and it kinda worked. I played bands from all over the world - Japan (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Ken Yokoyama, Razors Edge, Astralmess), Germany (Balls’n’Boobs), Russia (RadioЧача), Netherlands (The Real Danger, Circle J), America (The Menzingers, House Boat, OWTH, Sick of It All) and of course Canada (Junior Battles, Fucked Up, The Brains, D.O.A., Baptists, Bone Daddies). Also I gave away tickets to go see Fucked Up and someone got them. Congrats! :)

Next week, I’ll have a guest - Jonny from our local band Bone Daddies. He will be presenting their brand new EP.

TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Juggling City [World Ska Symphony]
THE MENZINGERS - Tasker-Morris Station [Chamberlain Waits]
HOUSE BOAT - DC Showcase Presents: Inferiority Complex, Volume 420 [Processing Complaints]
JUNIOR BATTLES - Basements [Junior Battles 7”]
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Drive [In Desolation]
FUCKED UP - David Comes to Life [Hidden World]
BALLS’n’BOOBS - Schau Mich Nicht So An! [Good Education - Bad Reputation]
THE BRAINS - Screaming [Zombie Nation]
KEN YOKOYAMA - Your Safe Rock [Four]
RAZORS EDGE - Train Train Train [Sonic! Fast! Life!]
ASTALMESS - Night Comes With… [Hysteric Screaming]
SICK OF IT ALL - Death Or Jail [Based On A True Story]
D.O.A. - I Live In A Car [Talk-Action=0]
BAPTISTS - Good Parenting [Drown Your Sorrows]
THE REAL DANGER - Cigarettes And Heartache [Making Enemies]
- Плакаты [Live Slow. Die Old]
CIRCLE J - Mary McQueen [Weekend Warriors]
BONE DADDIES - Count your Coins [Demo 2010]

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Friday, May 07, 2010

We All Fall Down, May 6th, 2010

This week I had two beautiful guests, Melissa James and Kate Kroll, the creators of the movie No Fun City, a film about Vancouver’s music scene. I think it was a success! Melissa and Kate were awesome, they told lots of interesting facts about production and the movie itself and I played only local Vancouver punk bands, to show the awesomeness of our scene.

NOFX: 7” Of The Month Club, April - There’s No Fun in Fundamentalism
MCRACKINS: It Ain’t Over Easy - Need Somebody
THE HEXTALLS: Get Smashed - My Dad Vs. Shania Twain
LOS FURIOS: Run Devil Run - Heats Rising
THE DREADNOUGHTS: Victory Square - Ivanhoe
ISOTOPES: Heatseeker 7” - Poison In The Clubhouse
SNFU: In the Meantime and in Between Time - Cockatoo Quill

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