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Thursday, March 29, 2007

ARTIST: album title - song title

ANDREW WK: i get wet - party hard
ANDREW WK: unreleased - party party party
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES: love their country - desperado
JEFFIE GENETIC & HIS CLONES: need a wave - lets rock n roll tonight
THE MISFITS: walk among us - astro zombies
THE RIPTIDES: hang out - heartbreaker
AT THE DRIVE IN: this station is non operational - chanbara
THE FIENDS: gravedigger - jack the ripper
RAISED BY WOVLES: s/t - bad motorpsycho
THE RAMONES: road to ruin - shes the one
THE QUEERS: munki brain - girl about town
MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS: zero culture - x street
BRUTAL KNIGHTS: feast of shame - bikini diet
COMEBACK KID: broadcasting - broadcasting
WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES: killed by canada - dead end street
THE TRANZMITORS: killed by canada - nervous breakdown

Friday, March 23, 2007

Playlist for MArch 22, 2007

ARTIST: album title - song title

AFI: all hallows ep - the boy who destroyed the world
ALKALINE TRIO: good mourning - we've had enough
ANTI FLAG: underground network - underground network
DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN: irony is a dead scene - come to daddy
SOCIAL DISTORTION: mommy's little monster - mommy's little monster
THE JOLTS: jinx - bloody eye socket
THE MERCY KILLERS: enemy rose - lust for hope
THE BOUNCING SOULS: how i spent my summer vacation - manthem
LOVED ONES: s/t - 100k
COMEBACK KID: broadcasting - in case of fire
DOA: bloodied but unbowed - world war 3
THE BLOOD BROTHERS: young machetes - huge gold ak 47

Thursday, March 15, 2007

ARTIST: album title - song title

TRAIL OF DEAD: so divided - stand in silence
THE QUEERS: munki brain - houston we have a problem
FUCKED UP: hidden world - two snakes
ALKALINE TRIO: split ep w/ hot water music - queen of pain
AGAINST ME: live in london - pints of guinness make you strong
BLACK LIPS: lox valientes del mundo nuevos - mia
TEENAGE HEAD: endless party - lets go to hawaii
CLOROX GIRLS: this dimension - cant stand my face
THE RIPTIDES: hang out - detention
COMEBACK KID: broadcasting - broadcasting
CONVERGE: you fail me - drop out
ARCHITIECTS: nightmares - minesweeper

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Today CiTR celebrated International Women's Day. I didn't do my show this week, so thanks to Aaron, host of Generation Annihilation, for filling in for me and doing such an entertaining and comprehensive show. I'll be back next week with more of what I do.

Two upcoming concerts of note: Social Distortion and Teenage Head. !!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

ARTIST: album title - song title

FUN 100: goodbye - foam improvements
MILLION DOLAR MARXISTS: zero culture - zero culture
BOUNCING SOULS: anchors aweigh - i'm from there
STRIKE ANYWHERE: dead fm - prisoner echoes
THE DWARVES: come clean - over you
THE BLACK HALOS: the violent years - no tomrrow girls
ALKALINE TRIO: remains - warbrain
TOM WAITS: orphans - road to peace
THE BADAMPS: two face 7" - 10,000 miles away
THE TRANZMITORS: killed by canada - nervous breakdown
DRAGONFORCE: inhuman rampage - through the fire and flames
MOTORHEAD: kiss of death - r.a.m.o.n.e.s.