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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Todd (The Rebel Spell) on We All Fall Down

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This week I was honored to have a very special guest on the show - Todd from one of the best Canadian punk bands The Rebel Spell, the band which has lots of respect in punk scene for their great songs, hardwork and true beliefs. New album "It's a Beautiful Future" came out on February 15th on Rebel Time Records. Todd joined me for the second half of the show and we've talked about the band, their new album, the video for the song "It Can’t Be Just Me" and some other things!

THE REBEL SPELL - Beautiful Future [It's a Beautiful Future]
THE REBEL SPELL - All We Want [It's a Beautiful Future]
THE REBEL SPELL - Feel the Same [It's a Beautiful Future]
THE REBEL SPELL - Current Occupants [It's a Beautiful Future]
THE REBEL SPELL - No Thanks [It's a Beautiful Future]
THE REBEL SPELL - Mover of Movers [It's a Beautiful Future]
THE REBEL SPELL - You're on Your Way [It's a Beautiful Future]
THE REBEL SPELL - Murderers [It's a Beautiful Future]
THE REBEL SPELL - It Can’t Be Just Me [It's a Beautiful Future]
THE REBEL SPELL - Uncontrollable [It's a Beautiful Future]
THE REBEL SPELL - The World Turned Upside Down [It's a Beautiful Future]
THE REBEL SPELL - Can’t Fool Me [4 Songs About Freedom]

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Monday, February 21, 2011

We All Fall Down, February 17th, 2011

Hello hello hello!

Sorry, it took me way too long to post this week's episode. New tracks from Screeching Weasel, Chixdiggit!, Rise Against, The Steinways, The Reaganomics, Red City Radio, Captain, We're Sinking, Direct Hit!. Enjoy!

Next episode (Feb 24th) will feature Todd of The Rebel Spell. The band released their brand new album "Beautiful Future" on Rebel Time Records last week.

SCREECHING WEASEL - Beginningless Vacation [First World Manifesto]
CHIXDIGGIT! - Swedish Rat [Safeways Here We Come]
FEAR OF LIPSTICK - Summertime [Fear of Lipstick]
THE STEINWAYS - Big Head Mode [It'll Never Happen Again]
THE REAGANOMICS - You're Done [Lower The Bar]
RED CITY RADIO - 50th & Western [The Dangers of Standing Still]
CAPTAIN, WE'RE SINKING - Manners Are Their Own Reward, Gentlemen [With Joe Riley]
DIRECT HIT! - Mutant Drunk [Split w/ Tit Patrol]
RISE AGAINST - Architects [Endgame]
THE REBEL SPELL - Feel the Same [Beautiful Future]
CAMBRIDGE - It's All Over, Man [This Is Not A Victory]
B-LINES - Social Retard [B-LINES 7'']
HARD FEELINGS - C.S.Idle Tendencies [Hard Feelings]
CARPENTER - Mean Things [Sea To Sky]
NORTHCOTE - Energy [Borrowed Chords, Tired Eyes]
THE REAL McKENZIES - Lest We Forget [Oot & Aboot]

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We All Fall Down, February 10th, 2011

Hello Hello Hello my friends!

This week I've played some really cool new tracks from fantastic bands such as The Aggrolites, Chixdiggit!, The Rebel Spell, Pour Habit, The Aquabats and Dave Hause. Not bad, eh? All those bands have new music to be released sometime in 2011! And I've played some skacore hits for the listeners as well.

PROPAGANDHI - Dear Coach's Corner [Supporting Caste]
THE REBEL SPELL - All We Want [Beautiful Future]
POUR HABIT - Dead Soldier's Bay [Got Your Back]
CHIXDIGGIT! - Since You Got A Dog [Safeways Here We Come]
THE AQUABATS - Poppin' a Wheelie! [Hi-Five Soup!]
OPERATION IVY - Yellin' In My Ear [Operation Ivy (remastered)]
THE SUICIDE MACHINES - SOS [Destruction By Definition]
THE FLATLINERS - Fred's Got Slacks [Destroy to Create]
CHOKING VICTIM - Money [No Gods, No Managers]
VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Charlie Brown [Firme]
THE AGGROLITES - Camel Rock [Rugged Road]
THE VALUABLES - Feel That Rhythm [The Valuables]
CHUCK RAGAN - Glory [Gold Country]
DAVE HAUSE - Melanin [Resolutions]
LOWTALKER - Eulogy [People Worry About Everything]
HOT WATER MUSIC - Trusty Chords [Caution]

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We All Fall Down, February 3rd, 2011

Hello Hello Hello!

Today I prepared punk rock trivia question for CiTR listeners. The question was: "From which movie the opening dialog in the song The Answer is Still No by No Use For a Name is from?". And I've got correct answer from one of the listeners, this fragment is from a great movie Glengarry Glen Ross. Actually, the intro to NOFX song We Called it America is from the same Alec Baldwin's monologue. The winner got new album by Smoke or Fire as a prize.

And I've played new tracks from Bomb the Music Industry!, Mixtapes, Cobra Skulls, Wolves and the Radio, Daytrader + a pretty big block of Canadian poppunk/powerpop (Varsity Weirdos, Steve Adamyk Band, White Wires, Fear of Lipsrick). And tonight, NOBUNNY @ the Railway Club. See you there!

NO USE FOR A NAME - The Answer Is Still No [Making Friends]
SMOKE OR FIRE - The Speakeasy [The Speakeasy]
DAYTRADER - Kill My Compass [Last Days of Rome]
WOLVES AND THE RADIO - Hey, Stranger [Wolves And The Radio]
COBRA SKULLS - Ice In The Night [Bringing The War Home]
MIXTAPES - Hey Baby [Castle Songs]
PART TIME KILLER - Fuck The World [Fuck The World]
WE'RE NOT AFRAID - Back To Life [Adventures In Poverty]
CASEY JONES - Hammer The Nails [I Hope We're Not The Last]
EVERYONE EVERYWHERE - Boykastle [The Rookie]
NOBUNNY - (Do The) Fuck Yourself [First Blood]
THE VARSITY WEIRDOS - F.B.I. [Can't Come Home]
THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Domino [The Steve Adamyk Band]
WHITE WIRES - Popularity [WWII]
FEAR OF LIPSTICK - I'm Sorry [Fear of Lipstick]
THE SAINTE CATHERINES - Reinventing Ron Hextall (I Don't Want To Say Goodbye) [Fire Works]

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