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Thursday, July 22, 2010

We All Fall Down, July 15th, 2010

Hello Hello Hello!

This is Tim. Last week's episode is here!!! Successness!!!

That wasn’t a unique show, I just played some new music and couple old songs. At Your Funeral is one of them and I think this is such a great song. Top hit of my week :) check out songs by Junker and Mayflower, they are great!!!

SUM 41 - The Hell Song [Does this Look Infected?]
JUNKER - No Direction [Better In The End]
DEAD MECHANICAL - Addict Rhythm [Addict Rhythms]
BANGERS - The Hard Way [Dude Trips]
MAYFLOWER - S.A.D. Song [Second Best Sunsets]
CEREMONY - Into The Wayside Part I [Rohnert Park]
THIS IS HELL - The Night The Line Was Crossed [Weight Of The World]
ASHERS - Time Lapse [Kill Your Master]
HOGWASH - The Fall [Sticker Paralysis]
PINHEAD GUNPOWDER - At Your Funeral [Split w/Dillinger Four]
OLD WIVES - I Don’t Wanna Be Lazy [See You In Hell]
MIXTAPES - The Mixtapes Misplaced Missed Takes [Maps]
THE WRECKTALS - A-Path of Least Resistance [ANALBUM]
THE JOLTS - Born Speedin [Born Speedin / Gimme Gasoline 7”]
THE BRAINS - Sweeter Than Wine [Zombie Nation]

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Victoria Ska Fest pre-party, July 8th, 2010

Hello Hello Hello!

Today i had Victoria Ska Festival pre-party on We All Fall Down. I played only bands which are playing this fest. It is a big event for our punk/ska scene. Lots of shows, lots of great bands are coming to the city. Success!

I’m going to see The Aggrolites today at the Venue and tomorrow I’m heading down to Victoria, to see them again. See you there! :)

THE RESIGNATORS - Offbeat Feeling [Offbeat Feeling]
CHERRY POPPIN’ DADDIES - Sockable Face Club [Skaboy JFK: The Skankin’ Hits Of The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies]
FISHBONE - Ma And Pa [The Essential Fishbone]
THE AGGROLITES - The Sufferer [The Aggrolites IV]
BRAVE NEW WAVES - Supermodel [Brave New Waves]
BONE DADDIES - Pizza Girl [Bone Daddies]
LOS KUNG FU MONKEYS - Ciudad De Nadie [Lobo Hombre En Paris]
SKAMPIDA - La Manifestacion [Single la Manifestacion]
KATCHAFIRE - This Would [Say What You’re Thinking]
THE BLACK SEEDS - Make A Move [Solid Ground]
THE VALUABLES - Knockin On My Door [The Valuables]

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Monday, July 05, 2010

We All Fall Down, July 1st, 2010

Hello hello hello!
Happy Canada Day!

I think this episode was a total success! Jesse from Cambridge was on the show and it was fun! We played songs of their brand new amazing album “This Is Not a Victory”, Jesse talked about the band and the new album and, also, he performed one song live on air. That was a total success! Don’t forget, that their CD Release Party is on July 3rd @ the Media Club.

Next week, I’m doing Victoria Ska Festival pre-party show! Be excited!

NOMEANSNO - Oh, Canaduh [Oh, Canaduh / New Age 7”]
CAMBRIDGE - Kubark [This Is Not A Victory]
CAMBRIDGE - PNS [This Is Not A Victory]
CAMBRIDGE - Hole In The Ground [This Is Not A Victory]
CAMBRIDGE - Its All Over Man [This Is Not A Victory]
CAMBRIDGE - Broken Watch [This Is Not A Victory]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - He’s Coming To Us Dead [The Worst Kind Of Ambition]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - We Shall Rise [The Worst Kind Of Ambition]
CAMBRIDGE - 10000 Shares [This Is Not A Victory]

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We All Fall Down, June 24th, 2010

HI! This me, Tim!

This week I had regular episode, no guests, no interviews, just great music and my gibberish talking. Success! Check out Wax Phantom and The Dopamines, I think those guys are brilliant!

Next week I’ll have Jesse from Cambridge on the show. He will be playing songs of their brand new album “This Is Not A Victory”, talking about the band and the album. And the week after, I’m planning to do a pre-party show to Victoria Ska Festival.

THE VANDALS - Dont Stop Me Now [Hollywood Potato Chip]
WAX PHANTOM - See-Thru [Don’t Fool With a Phantom]
GATORFACE - Not Scientists [Wasted Monuments]
JOYCE MANOR - Constant Nothing [Constant Headache]
THE DOPAMINES - Cincinnati Harmony [Expect The Worst]
BORN TO LOOSE - Fall On Your Sword [The Dreams Of Kids]
ARRESTED DENIAL - Nighttrain [Church On Friday]
THE PEACOCKS - Danger [After All]
HOSTAGE LIFE - MPLA [Centre Of The Universe [B-Side]]
SWINGIN’ UTTERS - Brand New Lungs [Brand New Lungs]
BIGWIG - Waiting [Invitation To Tragedy sessions]
CAMBRIDGE - Hole In The Ground [This Is Not A Victory]
PARTY AT THE MOONTOWER - Mitchy Mitchy Mitchy [Fifty Year Storm]
McRACKINS - Everything Is Good [It Ain’t Over Easy]
THE REAL MCKENZIES - Bugger Off [Shine Not Burn]

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