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Thursday, December 29, 2005

the best songs of 2005 according to marielle. yes? yes.

ARTIST: album title - song title

PROPAGANDHI: potmekin city limits - fedallah's hearse
LOVED ONES: s/t - candy cane
COMEBACK KID: wake the dead - partners in crime
AFI: www.myspace.com/afi - rabbits are roadkill on route 37
THE BRIEFS: steal yer heart - genital general
CHOKE: slow fade or how i learned to question infnity - breathing wont come easy
ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK: go usa! - punctured
THE BADAMPS: molotov milkshake - break you out
CHIXDIGGIT: pink razors - koo stark
THE REBEL SPELL: days of rage - i was there
THE TRANZMITORS: s/t ep - dancing in the front row
CLOROX GIRLS: this dimention - upperhand
RAISED BY WOLVES: hot blood - i like to howl

Thursday, December 22, 2005

holiday show!

ARTIST: album title - song title

JOHNNY CASH: christmas with johnny cash - i heard the bells on christmas day
THE VANDALS: oi to the world - oi to the world
NERFHERDER: a santa cause - santas got a mullet
BLACK HALOS: taste of christmas - homeless for christmas
THE SMUGGLERS: selling the sizzle - queazy
JOEY RAMONE: christmas spirit in my house - christmas (baby please come home)
STAND STILL: a santa cause - i saw daddy kissing santa claus
OPIATE FOR THE MASSES: taste of christmas - christmas evel
FROM FIRST TO LAST: taste of christmas - christmassacre
FROM FIRST TO LAST: a santa cause - x12 days of xxxmasx
88 FINGERS LOUIE: ??? - all i want for christmas
AMPED: taste of christmas - we three kings
ERIC CARTMAN: ??? - o holy night
JUAN SCHWARTZ: ??? - dead dead dead
CITIZENS OF HALLOWEENTOWN: disney's haunted mansion holiday - wreck the halls
NERFHERDER: ??? - i got a boner for christmas
AFI: retrospective - a winter's tale
THE VANDALS: oi to the world - here i am lord

Thursday, December 08, 2005

ARTIST: album title - song title

THE DEAD VAMPIRES: s/t - shes the one
INTL NOISE CONSPIRACY: armed love - a voice of our own
DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979: romance bloody romance - better off dead (la peste cover)
PROPAGANDHI: potemkin city limits - fedallah's hearse
THE BADAMPS: molotov milkshake - break you out
HANK EAGLE AND THE HOOSIER DADDIES: zombie night in canada vol 2 - rockin around with you
PROTEST THE HERO: kezia - bury the hatchet
THRICE: illusion of safety - where idols once stood
REBEL SPELL: days of rage - rebels sing
WESTERN ADDICTION: cognicide - the church of black flag
CLOROX GIRLS: this dimention - pop codeine
THE SOVIETTES: protect comp - middle of the night
THE VANDALS: oi to the world - oi to the world
THE DISTORTIONS: exploding teenage body - exploding teenage body
AGAINST ME!: searching for a former clarity - mediocrity gets you pears
YOUNG CANADIANS: no escape - i hate music


this is the playlist from last week (dec 1/05)
sean's pick = (s)
elliot's pick = (e)

ARTIST: album title - song title

PORCH GHOULS: i love guitarwolf very much - fujiyama attack
TRANZMITORS: demo ep - bigger houses broken homes
HANK EAGLE AND THE HOOSIER DADDIES: zombie night in canada vol 2 - rockin around with you
KNUCKLEHEAD: the new blacklist - cosmetic youth
VALOUR ROAD: cfur is the new pink - and so its love
VALIENT THORR: total universe man - showdown
ARMOR FOR SLEEP: what to do when you are dead - car underwater (s)
THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD: bloodlust - 2 inches form the main artery (e)
DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN: miss machine - setting fir to sleeping giants (s)
NECROPHAGIST: epitaph - stabwound (e)
REGGIE AND THE FULL EFFECT: songs not to get married to - get well soon (s)
ION DISSONANCE: solace (e)
SIR MIX A LOT: ??? - iron man cover (s)
FALL OUT BOY: take this to your grave - chicago is so two years ago (e)