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Friday, September 17, 2010

We All Fall Down, September 16th, 2010

Hello!!! Hi! My name is Tim!

I was super excited for this weeks show. I had so many songs by bands I’ve discovered in last couple weeks - Full Of Fancy, The Peeps, Old Man Markley and brand new songs from The Gamits, The Arrivals, The Sainte Catherines, Sloppy Seconds, The Brokedowns!!! I’m in unreciprocated love with all those bands!

Also, I gave away tickets to Pennywise show, which is happening at the Commodore Ballroom on Friday. So many people called in, thank satan, that I had a few pairs of tickets to giveaway, and didnt have to turn anyone around. Thank you so much for calling in and listening!

CHIXDIGGIT! - I Remember You [Pink Razors]
THE GAMITS - The Still and The Lost [Parts]
THE ARRIVALS - Front Line [Volatile Molotov]
FULL OF FANCY - Mikey Says [Sweet Baby Jesus]
THE HEXTALLS - Diaper Change [Get Smashed]
SLOPPY SECONDS - You Can’t Kill Joey Ramone [You Can’t Kill Joey Ramone b/w Can’t Stand Rock ‘n’ Roll]
THE PEEPS - Odisea [Our Crazy]
OLD MAN MARKLEY - For Better For Worse [For Better For Worse]
JUNIOR BATTLES - Update Your Resume [Junior Battles]
THE BROKEDOWNS - Celebrity Death Panel [Species Bender]
THE SAINTE CATHERINES - We Used to be in Love [Fire Works]
PENNYWISE - Can’t Believe it [Straight Ahead]
RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS - The Song We Used to Call “Wasting Time” [To the Confusion of Our Enemies]
AUTHORITY ZERO - Liberateducation [Stories Of Survival]
CARPENTER - A Different Life [Law of the Land]
CAMBRIDGE - 10,000 Shares [This Is Not A Victory]

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Interview with Brian J. Robinson (A Wilhelm Scream), We All Fall Down, September 9th, 2010

Hello hello hello!

This show was very special. I've built the whole episode around two concerts which are happening in Vancouver this weekend - Comeback Kid, A Wilhelm Scream, Madball, Living With Lions, Devil In Me on Friday @ The Rickshaw and The Gaslight Anthem, Fake Problems, The Menzingers on Saturday @ The Commodore Ballrom.

I was lucky to get a chance to interview Brian Robinson, the bassist for A Wilhelm Scream and, a former member of great Canadian band The Fullblast, which parted ways early in 2006.

P.S. I would like to thank Melanie and Bryce for making this interview happen. Thank you so much!

THE FULLBLAST - Miss You [Demo]
COMEBACK KID - The Concept Says [Symptoms + Cures]
A WILHELM SCREAM - The King Is Dead [Ruiner]
MADBALL - R.A.H.C. [Empire]
LIVING WITH LIONS - A Bottle Of Charades [Make Your Mark]
DEVIL IN ME - Back Against the Wall [Brothers in Arms]

Interview with Brian J. Robinson (A Wilhelm Scream)

THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM - The Spirit of Jazz [American Slang]
FAKE PROBLEMS - Done With Fun [Real Ghosts Caught On Tape]
THE MENZINGERS - Time Tables [Chamberlain Waits]
THE FLATLINERS - Here Comes Treble [Cavalcade]
CAMBRIDGE - Kubark [This Is Not A Victory]
THE MENZINGERS - Straight To Hell [A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology]

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Friday, September 03, 2010

We All Fall Down, September 2nd, 2010

Greetings! This is me, Tim!

This week I just played some music. I had so many brand new songs from my favorite bands (Bad Religion, Bomb The Music Industry!, Off With Their Heads, Direct Hit!, Captain, We're Sinking!, Junior Battles), so I just decided to play them. Less Talk, More Rock kinda thing especially for my friend Bryce Wong.

Next week, I'll have a pair of Pennywise tickets to give away, so stay tuned.

Great success!!!

BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! - Everybody That You Love
DIRECT HIT! - Satan Says [#5] 
THE DOPAMINES - The Glendora House [Expect The Worst] 
DEECRACKS - Waiting For You [Attention! Deficit Disorder] 
BE MY DOPPELGANGER - Turning Seventeen [No Composure] 
CAPTAIN, WE'RE SINKING! - The Ballad of Ichabod Crane
JUNIOR BATTLES - Passing Out [Split w/O Pioneers!!!] 
BAD RELIGION - The Devil In Stitches [The Dissent of Man] 
BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE - Lash Out [2 Songs 1 Download] 
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Field Of Darkness (Pegboy cover) [Split w/No Friends] 
NO FRIENDS - Another Wrong (Dag Nasty cover) [Split w/Off With Their Heads] 
COMEBACK KID - Because Of All The Things You Say [Symptoms + Cures]
THE SPLIT-UP'S - Televisual [E.P.] 
THE JOLTS - (Baby I'm A) Loser [Kaminari Lover b/w Loser (Baby I'm A)] 
THE SPITS - Schools Out [Vol. IV] 
THE TRANZMITORS - Glamour Girls [Busy Singles] 
MCRACKINS - In The Year 3000 [It Ain't Over Easy]

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