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Thursday, July 28, 2005

TITLE: album title - song title

GRAVY TRAIN: are you wigglin' - darque tan
JEFFIE GENETIC: need a wave - oh no ive been cloned
ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK: go usa! - punctured
RAMONES: leave home - california sun
LA DESCENTE DU COUDE: l'indecence du coup - rince-bush
ERICPANIC: catharsis - melodie
INTL NOISE CONSPIRACYL: take penacilin now comp - ever felt cheated?
BELVEDERE: the power of music comp - subhuman nature
SUBHUMANS: s/t - celebrity
LEFT ALONE: lonely stars and broken hearts - my 62
BALZAC: outa of the grave and into the dark - gimmie some truth
THE CURE: seventeen seconds - a forest
THE RESISTANCE: revenge on the riverside - song for the sleepless
REEL BIG FISH: why do they rock so hard? - i want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend too

Thursday, July 21, 2005

ARTIST: album title - song title

HOCKEY NIGHT: keep guessin - for guys eyes only
VANCOUGAR: vancouver 4 way - mine first
PROPAGHANDI: take penacilin now - name and address withheld
THE MATADORS: the power of music comp - creeping demon
RAISED BY WOLVES: hot blood - trash like me
BALZAC: out of the grave and into the dark - inside my eyes
HIGH FIVE DRIVE: service engine soon - this is my rifle
RAMONES: rocket to russia - sheena is a punk rocker
DROPKICK MURPHYS: warriors code - walking dead
THE UNSEEN: state of discontent - you can never go home
THE FULLBLAST: the power of music comp - no one says anything funny anymore
THE SOVIETTES: lp III - paranoia cha cha cha
THE LOVED ONES: s/t - candy cane

Thursday, July 14, 2005

ARTIST: album title - song title

DASH RIP ROCK: recyclone - shes got a lot of nerve
REPUBLIC OF SAFETY: passport - get your horses back
THE PARKADES: 90.9 with a bullet - attack me
BURN THE 8 TRACK: the ocean - my own flag
RAISED BY WOLVES: hot blood - burn it all down
HORRORPOPS: hell yeah - kool flattop
THE DISTILLERS: coral fang - dismantle me
MELLINCOLIN: kingwood - cash or clash
AFI - sing the sorrow b-side - synesthesia
STRIKE ANYWHERE: to live in discontent - question the answer
THROW RAG - 13 ft and rising - she dont want to
HURST: wanderlust - tin cup
FALL OUT BOY: from under the cork tree - dance dance

Thursday, July 07, 2005

ARTIST: album title - song title

RAISED BY WOLVES: hot blood - outta site, - burn it all down
THE OLD HAUNTS: fallow field - by the bay
LA DESCENTE DU COUDE: l'indecence du coup - epoque scie
DRUNK HORSE: in tongues - priestmaker
THE PONYS: celebration castle - i'm with you
THE CHARMING SNAKES: ammunition - ammunition
THE SOVIETTES: LP III - paranoia cha cha cha
NIM VIND: myspace.com/nimvind - killer creature double
CHIXDIGGIT!: pink razors - i remember you
COMEBACK KID: wake the dead - partners in crime
DALLAS GREEN: myspace.com/dallasgreen - save your scissors
THE RAVEONETTES: ode to LA 10" single - i'm so lonesome i could cry

Monday, July 04, 2005

hey, looks like i forgot to post my playlist for last thursday. if anybody really wants it, email me or phone me during my show.